Sunday, November 4, 2007

Voice of new generation of Burmese student

We urgently need a road map to eradicate the military regime of Burma
People movements led by monks in September strengthen our desires for freedom and democracy. It proves that a new generation that is hunger for freedom, after the ‘88 generation, has been breeding within nineteen years of military era, although the junta uses all kinds of brutal and cunning tactics to ripe out democracy movements. Myanmar people’s hopes for the best for their country have not died yet, since colonial time to current days. It will never die as long as we are not achieving what we really want. For us, we will continue and pass our desires to freedom to our next generations. However, in this case, we cannot assume how long it will take. How many more lives will scarify? Even monks scarified their lives.

Some guess it will take next three generations because the government is so strong that we will not achieve unless they themselves change their mindsets. Only if the military walk together with the people, we can win. Do you think it will happen? How long do we need to wait for the day the tatmadaw change its behaviors? Does anyone of us have an effective way to persuade our tatmadaw? And in which way? Or have anyone of us masterminded to destroy the tatmadaw? How far can the international community help us? How many of youths in the next generation are interested in the country’s affair to change our country? Do we really have a strategy for gaining democracy in Myanmar? What shall we do next if there is no negotiation between the junta and the opposition groups? If non-violence approach does not work, what shall we do next? This is the time we seriously need to make a plan or strategies with timeline for our country. Most of the scholars stressed that we have no strategy; thus, we are weakening while the junta is practicing all kind of strategies.

Yes, we need an effective strategy right now.

In my opinions, strategies for short-term and long-term should be implemented.

In short time, we urgently need strategies to eradicate the regime and to set up a public government that can unite all the parties and the ethnic groups. I understand these two things are the most difficult and fragile issues to achieve in a short time. Many people have been doing to achieve these goals for nearly two decades. But why do we not get them yet? We do not have a systematic plan to response or fight back the junta’s strategy. And we are not united. And at the same time, we have no chance to unite. Currently, our strongest so called strategy is “peaceful demonstration” that can increase international pressure to the regime; in this way we hope that negotiation will be occurred. We do not know when and how it will happen again. We will wait for another protest and scarify many people lives so that UN or US will call Myanmar as a state in emergency condition or a genocide for them to intervene. Shall we wait until the situation worsens as in Cambodia or Sudan? We should have a plan or a limit. So now, are we waiting for the others intervene our country? Or are we waiting for the situation the regime weakens or change their behaviors themselves? Are we trying to strengthen the movements inside the country? May be we are expecting for all above three opportunities.

In this situation, I think that the international pressure and peaceful intervention such as forcing regime to step down and monitoring the change in the country will be the only most effective way to occur a change in Myanmar without bloodshed. This is a good time to do it. To increase the international pressure in Myanmar, China plays the most important role. If China does not change its policies, UN cannot work fully. And ASEAN countries will not work because their policies mainly depend on the politics of the great powers (China, US and India). China (Olympic) should be our first target. As next step, all the exiles should plan and work together to increase international pressure. We should discuss with political analysts to find the solutions and have a timeline to work out the plan.

If we want a change from the junta’s side, I think that it can only be in the next-next-next generation. But it is uncertain. I worry that the longer they stay, the more they destroy the country and the behaviors and mindset of people. By seeing how they use their thugs “USDA” and “Swan-arr-shin”, we can aware that they can systematically destroy the people and country. The generals do not know what the rights of human or citizens are. The military are the people who are not trained to pay respect each other by understanding individual rights. They are trained to follow the orders (right or wrong) and how to use guns. They are hunger for power. They have no respect to the people. There is no hope to change the junta’s behaviors.

It is true that our country’s future mainly depends on the movements of the people inside the country. However, doing peaceful demonstration under the brutal regime is like hitting our heads to a brick wall to collapse. If we continue in the same way without strategy, we will lose. To demolish the brick wall, we need strength, strategy and weapons. Compared to 88 generation, very few youths are interested in politics. Most of them are thinking to leave the country. They think that involving in politics is a crime. Parents are not encouraging. Even if another movement occurs again, it will not be as strong as what happened in 1988. Besides, the strategy and weapons are lacking.

So, in above possibilities, I see only international pressure can work.

For long term plan, we need to educate our people. Whether there is a change in the government or not, our people must change. Everyone in Myanmar must understand the basic needs and rights of human beings. Our society must change itself as a democratic society. Our society must full with people who respect to other’s rights. Schools are the best places to do campaigns. Debates and discussions should practice in the classrooms. We need to think how to do campaigns and how to strengthen civil society groups within the country under tight control of the military. Only if all the people in Myanmar see themselves as free people who have individual rights and political rights, the future of Myanmar will be beautiful.

Fighting back a government, especially one’s own government, is not easy. We must have a well-plan as a government does.
Thet Mar

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